What We Believe

The Five Unity Principles

Often Unity’s Teachings are defined by our five basic principles of Truth, yet this is only the beginning.

God Is…
One of the most basic premises of the Christian movement, is that God is everywhere present across the universe at one time.  This is the foundational statement of the Unity Movement.

The Nature of Humankind
If God is everywhere present across the universe at one time, then God must also be within each one of us as well. We believe there is a Divine Spark within each person and all of creation, which seeks to be expressed. We believe that we were created in Original Virtue and in the image and likeness of God as it says in Genesis 1:27. Humankind has forgotten this truth and lives in a consciousness of separation from Divine reality.

The Law of Mind Action
Unity teaches the Mind is Our Connecting Link with Divine Mind (God), and shows how the action of our mind affects our body and circumstances through the Law of Mind Action. Therefore, an emphasis is placed on how our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions draw our experiences to us. We believe that everything in the manifest realm has its beginning in thought. When we take personal responsibility to choose life-affirming thoughts and words we experience a more fulfilling and abundant life!

Prayer and Meditation
In Unity prayer is not seen as a technique for changing God, but as a means of aligning our mind with the Infinite and thereby changing us. Prayer is our connection with the One Creative Force of the Universe, and is the way we seek and attune our mind to be in accord with God. We believe that meditation is a form of prayer, a type of creative thinking that heightens our link to the Divine and therefore brings forth wisdom, healing, prosperity, and everything good. Unity also teaches a unique form of affirmative prayer, called Denials and Affirmations, which is a way to eliminate our erroneous thoughts and empower us to focus on the Truth and the Good we seek.

The Bible
We recognize The Bible as God inspired, although its present form was written down years ago in ancient languages, and then translated into modern languages. Each of the authors had their own relationship with the Creator and their own view. We see the adventures, words, and teachings of the Bible as the Spiritual Truth, which we should allow to speak through our soul and guide us. In Unity, we see the Bible as a spiritual guide that can lead us from Adam Awareness to Christ Consciousness.