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Reiki Sound Experperience


December 7


07:30 pm - 08:30 pm

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5502 Ben Davis Road,Sachse,75048,US

This event is a Reiki Sound Experience designed to leave you feeling grounded, calm, and relaxed with singing bowls, drums & chimes.

Facilitators Tina and Lital use singing bowls, drums, and chimes to soothe your mind, body, and soul. During the sound bath, Tina performs reiki and grounding on each participant to deepen the experience and enhance your healing journey. To ease you into the experience there will be a tea ceremony with an introduction to the experience and time to answer any questions before we start.
Details about the facilitators:Tina has been an intuitive tarot reader for over 20 years, an Akashic Records and Usui Reiki Master Practitioner for over ten years and recently added to her toolbox Hawaiian Healing. Now part of Sacred Journey Experience wellness center as well, making it a space where others can find like minded individuals and share their own experiences in their journey. She aims to use the above tools and others that have helped in her own growth to be of service in others healing journey, since she is a firm believer that there’s no healing that isn’t self healing, and no lesson that isn’t taught by example. Check out her website here.
Lital is an herbalist, empath, healer, lightworker, reiki practitioner, sound healing facilitator and creator of moonlightREMEDIES. She created the company when she personally was having a lot of anxiety and a lot of headaches. She started experimenting with essential oils to help her heal because she believes that it was a much healthier option for her than turning to medications. And since she knew she was not the only one that feels this way, she knew she needed to share this with others who might not necessarily know where to start. Her company was born because she discovered the healing powers of essential oils and that was something she could not keep to herself. Check out Lital’s website here .
Please bring with you a yoga mat, pillow, blanket, water bottle, crystals, and anything else you may need to be your most comfortable. If you are uncomfortable or unable to lay on the floor, you may enjoy the experience sitting in a chair. Also, please come dressed comfortably for your journey. Yoga pants and sweatpants are encouraged.