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Peace at First Light


June 29


07:00 am - 07:15 am

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Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, IL, United States

Guided meditations and affirmations to help you start your day grounded and centered in peace.

Kim Andrews, Founder of The Call to Peace, offers 20-minute guided meditations (Mondays) and 10 minutes of affirmations (Tuesdays – Fridays) designed to help you start your day centered and grounded in peace. The content is not based in or from any religious dogma. It focuses on cultivating peace emotionally, physically, and mentally to help you reduce stress, enhance focus, increase joy, and infuse calm. There are no tickets to buy. Follow “thecalltopeace” on Instagram, open the app at 6:59 AM CT. You’ll see a notification that the session is starting. We begin promptly at 7:00.