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A Gathering for Peace


October 23


01:00 pm - 02:30 pm

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5502 Ben Davis Road,Sachse,75048,US

Music, meditation, and message for inner peace and peace on the planet

Gather with us on the 4th Saturdays (3rd Saturdays in November & December) for music, meditation, and message. Singer/songwriter Robin Hackett is our musical artist.
NOTE: This event is designed to be a placid, restful, meditative experience from beginning to end. Please arrive 10 – 15 minutes early to have ample time to get seated and comfortable. That ensures the event proceeds peacefully for everyone involved.
Seating is provided. However feel free to bring your yoga mat or meditation pillow if you’d like to sit on the floor.
​The event is FREE. However if you find value in the experience and would like to leave a “peace offering”, you are welcome to do so. We appreciate your generosity!
This is a hybrid event with in-person participation and online viewing for those outside of the Sachse, Texas, area. For online viewing go to:

Creating a peaceful world is not solely the responsibility of world leaders and governments. It is the responsibility of every citizen of the world. When we envision peace, practice peace, and call for peace, peace is possible. The 8,945 for Peace is just one of the many ways humanity can create a peaceful world. What does being 1 of the 8,945 for Peace entail? What are you committing to?
-creating and holding a vision for a peaceful world
-practicing daily meditation & “super radiance”
-steadfastly endeavoring to be peace, express peace, and cultivate peace in every area of your life
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View the video here of our first gathering held January 29, 2022.